Thursday, September 29, 2005

Cell Phone Towers and Cell Phones

I noticed that within the last few years, there was a phenomenal growth of cell phone towers throughout the country. Whenever they want to put up a parking lot, lawyers call meetings to see if anyone in the community objects. But when they put up cell phone towers no one officially lets you know.

There are two controversial questions that I ask myself. How safe are cell phones and how safe is it to live near cell phone towers? All your major wireless companies are always proclaiming that cell phones and cell towers are completely safe. But by looking into some scientific papers available on the internet, I'm not so sure.

Besides normal health concerns of cell phone towers, there are groups that claim these towers are being built with mind control technologies. The major science behind this claim is based upon the research of Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957). Doctor Reich was a psychoanalyst who discovered a form of energy he called orgone which he believed exists in the atmosphere and all living matter. Orgone energy is still not accepted by mainstream scientists and there is strong evidence that it really doesn't exist. What mainstream science rejects, conspiracy theorists seem to readily embrace. Orgone energy, they claim, is being harnessed through cell phone towers by corporate aliens for our mind control. Fortunately, they have found a means of neutralizing this energy. It's some kind of quartz crystal device called a tower buster; a bigger one is called a HHG (holy hand grenade). You can buy these items at They also sell assorted goodies like dolphin balls, power wands, chemtrail busters and other strange sounding products.

Although I operate a site called, our definition of aliens is that of greedy human corporate heads. Some conspiracy theories postulate that corporations and government are really being run by aliens from another planet. We always encourage people to think for themselves. In the case of cell towers and mind control, I personally don't believe this is a reasonable assumption. The theory is based on orgone, a substance that can't be clearly scientifically explained. Besides, real corporate aliens don't need cell towers for mind control; they have already effectively achieved this through television.

What really worries me is the radiation from both cell phones and cell towers. It seems no matter how much they say that these things are really safe there is always some study that pops up to question that opinion. Besides possibly causing cancer, cell phone radiation may disrupt the electrical signals in our bodies.

I've been seeing so many young people walking down the street, riding buses and trains, and driving cars with a cell phone in hand engaging in some intense conversation. Some people are giving up their landlines and only using cell phones. If there is some truth to these studies, it seems these people are risking their lives for the sake of having the convenience of being able to carry on useless chatter everywhere. Fifteen years ago, we had no cell phones and we survived. It's like cigarette smoking. Until recently, the major cigarette manufacturers kept saying that smoking poses no health risks. Now all the wireless companies are trying to do the same thing, convince us how safe their equipment is. With cell phones, we haven't seen widespread problems yet because they haven't been used that long. The type of cell phone commonly used has already evolved. Most modern cell phones are digital, while older ones were analog and emitted more radiation. Older phones were more likely to give you cancer. The cancer danger may have been reduced, but the digital signals are more likely to interfere with your body's electrical signals. This could cause more heart attacks, depression, anger, violence, and suicide.

What I think people should do is strongly limit the use of cell phones. I do have a cell phone that I use only for emergencies while driving. Otherwise, my cell is off and I always use the landline for normal conversations. But think about this, what would limiting cell phone usage really cost you? If you're a teenager or a young person in your twenties, you could wind up with a life threatening illness in your thirties if you continue to indiscriminately use your cell phone. Is it worth it?

There is absolutely no reason to allow cell towers on top of an apartment building or school. Before flooding the world with these towers, more research is needed spread over longer time periods. Let's wait and see if fifteen years from now there is no explosion of phone related health problems.

I have included pictures of a building that has cell antennas in both the front and rear areas. This is untested technology, and the city of Chicago should never have allowed it. It's very likely that the people living in this building are paying rent. Instead they're the ones that should be getting paid for being guinea pigs in an on-going electromagnetic radiation experiment.

Here are some urls concerning cell phones and cell towers.

Will Thomas

US Food and Drug Administration

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Why We Are So Frustrated.

According to some medical theories, our bodies are engineered to live for at least 120 years. Even with the disease fighting advances in medicine, I doubt that most of us will ever be able to live that long. The reason is basically that life is just too mentally trying, and we are slowly killing or mutating our cells with our minds because of our daily challenges.

Most people are addicted to something. Alcohol, smoking, drugs, gambling, sex are some common addictions. Most of us probably know why we need these addictions. The more corporate our society becomes, the more frustrated we become. Forty years ago you can buy a car in few minutes with some money and a hand-shake. Last time I bought a car it took four hours to complete the paperwork and that was fast according to the dealer. To get even a menial job now requires a resume, filling out a complicated application form, getting a drug test, getting a security check, and in some cases even getting a credit check. At work, there probably are a lot of forms that you need to fill out during the course of the day. You may have to sit through some boring and probably useless weekly meetings. Most people acquired some form of debt, and those bill paying days are exceptionally draining. Then, of course, there are all those tax forms that need to be worked on prior to April 15th.

Someone is always trying to warn us about something. Even when we try to watch television, there comes a "Click it or ticket" commercial telling us to buckle our seat belts or else. When we buy a DVD we get the famous FBI anti-piracy warning. When we sign our income tax form they warn us that if we were not truthful, we could be charged with perjury. Before installing a computer program, we must accept some legal document that we never read, nor would we understand its legalese if we ever did read it.

In the fifties, large computers were beginning to gain acceptance. Experts said that computers, because they would be able to do so many menial tasks, would give us more leisure. The computer is actually a very good machine to manage details. If computers were left to perform the tasks of the fifties, we would indeed be living an easy going existence. But as computers got more sophisticated, corporate aliens invented new tasks for them, so that presently we actually live much more hectic lives than our parents or grandparents did back then.

I think the problem is that working people do not feel they have control of their lives. In the past, if we did what we were supposed to, we were rewarded with a stable life and a happy retirement. Now governments and corporations are constantly lying to us. Our leaders are all seeking wealth and power at the expense of the working class. We can't believe their promises any more. Once society begins to recognize the worth of the individual, liquor stores and drug dealers will start going out of business. Since corporations are getting larger, the worth of the individual is slowly dying. Booze and drugs are here to stay.

Friday, September 09, 2005


This section discusses how governments seek public endorsement of their policies through Nationalism.

In speeches and on Vietnam memorials it always states that the soldiers, who died, died for our freedom. This is really strange and illogical. We actually lost the war. Did the victorious "Charlie Cong" storm America and enslave us? Once we left Vietnam, we hardly had anything to do with them and they no longer posed a problem.

But did they ever pose a problem? It seems the word "Communist" was the real problem. When Ho Chi Minh declared that North Vietnam was Communist, America's cold war Red-phobia associated Vietnam with China and Russia even though there was no initial connection. North Vietnam threatened no one but South Vietnam. It was their war not America's.

But the US insisted on helping South Vietnam. How is this related to the freedom of individual Americans? The US soldier was told that he was fighting to preserve the liberty of the homeland, but this was a vicious lie. To compound the problem much of the military of the period were drafted. They were taken from their family and careers and sent to fight for a cause that was completely unjust.

They did not die for our freedom. Instead they died in vain mostly to fill the pocketbooks of military arms makers and contractors. Why is it that no one wants to admit that? Whenever somebody in government makes a speech, words like freedom and liberty are always used instead of words like needless or mistake. If no one admits that Vietnam was a mistake, how can we ever learn from it?

The problem with Nationalism is that many of the ideals that are being preached by the nation's leaders are not in the best interests of the nation's people. Yet disagreeing is considered unpatriotic and at times even traitorous.

Why did the Germans ever listen to the ravings of Hitler? Some of what he said made sense, but a lot of it was positively insane. When the propaganda machine takes hold of the individual he/she has trouble separating fact from fiction. Hitler only had radio, newspapers, and magazines. We now have TV and the Internet to confuse us with even more propaganda.

Currently we are involved in another unjust war, the Iraq war. The words such as "freedom" and "liberty" are again being abused by the government. Saddam Hussein was undoubtedly a cruel dictator, but he was able to keep Iraq unified. He had no nuclear weapons and no connection to 9/11 as the US government now reluctantly admits. Iraq is a fanatically religious nation deeply divided in their beliefs. By "freeing" it from Saddam's rule for a "democratic" rule, we sentenced the people to decades of possible civil war. Some countries need to evolve at their own pace, even if it means dictatorship. If left alone things would have worked out for the better.

We all know that the real reason for invading Iraq was to gain control of the Iraqi oil fields. But again we are told the troops are fighting for our freedom as well as Iraqi freedom. The US interfered where they had no business; they screwed up a nation, needlessly sacrificed American and Iraqi lives, limited American resources for dealing with natural disasters and wasted the taxpayers' money. What kind of freedom is that? The best thing to do now is to end the war and bring the troops home.

Governments like to use the flag as an instrument for people to proclaim their loyalty. Around this time (September 16th: Mexican Independence Day) the streets of Chicago are full of Mexicans in cars waving their flag. Most of them legally and illegally immigrated to the US because they couldn't earn a decent living in Mexico. It puzzles me, if their country means so much, why not remain there and try to fix its problems. Patriotism is funny thing, people don't even know or care why they wave the flag, yet they still wave it. I assume, that for Mexican immigrants, flag waving must only symbolize a sign of their heritage and not an endorsement of their current government.

Americans also like to wave the flag. During the Vietnam War some would burn the flag in protest. The burners associated the flag with the policies of the government. Others associated the flag with a deeper symbolism: "One nation under God with liberty and justice for all." These types of patriots want to imprison or even shoot anyone defacing the flag. Corporate aliens like to make flag jeans, underwear and t-shirts as well as ash trays and coffee cups, but it seems no one considers that type of thing disrespectful.

Again we are faced with the flag problem because of the Iraq war. My personal policy is this: Don't wave, don't burn. I refuse to wave the flag ( or wear any flag t-shirts ) until government policies change, but neither will I burn it so as not to offend those that treat the flag as a sacred symbol.( I wonder if t-shirts and coffee cups should be treated as sacred symbols as well?)

I personally avoid nationalism by considering myself as a citizen of the world. Since God is the creator, he must be the leading citizen of the world. I support anything I feel is right for my fellow man and reject the things that are against common sense regardless of what the local government has to say. As long as I'm alive the world is my country. I live in harmony with a God that rejects all "holy wars" and "wars for corporate profiteering". There is no need for flags or anthems. I respect all just laws and ignore those that I feel are unjust. Everyone everywhere is a citizen of the world too. Why not accept it. Stop thinking in the narrow sense of local politics and religion. Think in terms of what is best for everyone. Together we will be helping to build a better world regardless of where we live.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


The two leading methods of controlling the masses are Nationalism and Religion. In this section we will look at how Religion influences people into doing things that they would not do normally.

Practically every religion has some bad logic associated with it. Most Americans follow some form of Christianity. This involves reading both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. There are a lot of things that don't make sense about the Bible ( especially the Old Testament ), but practically all Christian denominations treat this as the word of God. How can mortal man ever question the work of the Lord?

One of the most logically and morally troubling things that I find in the Bible deals with the Book of Joshua. In this book God orders Joshua, the leader of the Israelites, to conquer a city called Jericho. Joshua has the priests march around the city for seven days. Then they blew their trumpets and the walls came tumbling down. What the Israelites did next is what really gets me to question the divine origin of the Bible.

(Joshua 6:20)The people destroyed everything in the city. They destroyed everything that was living there. They killed the young men and old men, young women and old women, cattle, sheep, and donkeys.

It seems that they did spare a prostitute named Rahab and her family, for hiding two spies that Joshua sent to the city prior to the conquest.

(Joshua 6:24)Then the people of Israel burned the whole city. They burned everything in the city except the things made from silver, gold, bronze, and iron. They put those things in the Lord’s treasury.

These days we call this "racial cleansing". I haven't heard any Christians complain about God being a terrorist according to the book of Joshua. But what about the Moslems that interpreted their Koran in a way that treated New York's twin towers as Jericho, and on 9/11 the walls came tumbling down killing everyone within. According to this way of thinking, this was God's way of punishing the infidel.

As in many instances in history, religion is responsible for a lot of the bad things that happened to the human race. Here, I don't want to question the existence of God, but how illogically humans interpret His will. If you look at all the people in the world, they are made up of assorted skin shades and creeds. If there is a God, since He made everyone, He must be the God of everyone. If this is the case, no race has the right to conquer Jericho, or to destroy the World Trade Center.

In my opinion suicide bombers are so controlled by a silly, oppressive religion, that they fail to see reality. It is never right to do harm to innocent people. If we are all God's creatures then no one race has the right to wage "holy war" against any other. There really are no chosen people because everyone on earth is racially equal. If there is an afterlife, instead of being greeted by beautiful virgins, the dead suicide bomber, is more likely to be tormented by all the innocent victims whose lives he so cruelly snuffed out.

Furthermore, how many suicide bombers' names do you remember? It's slime like Osama Bin-Laden and Zarchawi, who are always in the headlines. They probably know that this has nothing to do with God, yet push their perverted philosophy on young, illiterate Arab men. These boys take their own lives and those of the innocent, just to feed the thirst for power that motivates their leaders.

How long are people going to listen to their priests or mullahs telling them to do things totally against common sense? Logically, God must be for everyone and not just for a group of backward Arabs, Jews, or Christians that interpret scriptures written by ancient prophets preaching hate and bigotry. But this is why people should start thinking and questioning what their leaders say. World peace will never happen until people start thinking for themselves. After all, most of our religious leaders are nothing more than greedy Corporate Aliens seeking personal wealth and power. If they had their way, we still would be burned at the stake for saying that the world is round.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

My heart goes out to all the victims of the tragedy caused by Hurricane Katrina.

I do not live in the area, and cannot digest the flood of information regarding ongoing events in such a short time. I'll hold my comments for a future blog after events stabilize.

If you want to help here is the Red Cross:

A web designer whose name happened to be Katrina turned her site into a Hurricane Katrina information site: