Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Corporate Aliens Love Lawyers.

The above clip is from "The Devil's Advocate (1997)." Al Pacino plays the devil, and explains why lawyers are so important. Like Satan, corporate aliens are equally impressed with lawyers.

Corporate aliens have seen to it that you are living in a world of law. Almost every action you take makes it necessary to enter some sort of legal agreement. When you buy a car, a condo, get a bank account or credit card, you must agree to some legal terms. Even to read this blog, you had to agree with Microsoft that you would not make illegal copies of Windows, before your computer would work.

Law is everywhere! Someone needs to compose all those legal agreements that you need a magnifying glass to read and a law degree to understand. And when you violate legal protocol, someone needs to sue you. That's what lawyers are for. As corporate aliens get a stronger presence in our society, we will be needing more and more lawyers. And they're "coming out, guns blazing!"



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