Friday, September 03, 2010

Why Does This Old Man Need To Be Active?

This picture was taken from a herb/vitamin commercial. This man's heart is in great shape because he takes these natural medications. So he stays younger longer. He needs to stay as active as possible, because his retirement plans have fallen apart and his government pension is inadequate. He must continue to work for corporate aliens for the rest of his life.

He is part of a corporate alien team of extremely productive people. While many of his fellow employees tweet on Twitter and gossip on Facebook, he is laboring dilligently to upgrade all his electronics to work in HD with 1080p resolution.



At 1:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What you say is what I believe and have beleived for as long as I can remember,except the part about or rather the blame being caused by an outside force instead of taking responcibility for our own choices. To think that doctors or government could know more about us
or an indivdual than we know about our own selves, is our own chioce our own decision. I never had a gun put to my head. Inever thought I would be shot if I did not go along with the masses. for me it was the easiest thing to do at that time. When it finally became to much of a contradiction to my own believes, I realized my own ignorance by playing excepting what I know is not true as truth. My fault, my choice, my laziness. It was my choice and therefor if any one is to blame, It is myself, of course. this is the truth as I've always seen it,
but for whatever reason, perhaps lasiness, I chose to lie.


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