Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Our Corporate Alien World

Just exactly why is this world a Corporate Alien World? Big corporations and big governments are interfering in every aspect of our lives. We are losing control over our individual existence. In my new article, I outline the how these evil doers have penetrated practically all areas of our world. Read Article. (Link opens new window.)

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Water Fluoridation, a Commie Plot?

"A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual. Certainly without any choice. That's the way your hard-core Commie works." --General Jack D. Ripper

General Ripper (Sterling Hayden) is a character in the 1964 cold war—nuclear phobia satirical film "Doctor Strangelove" by director Stanley Kubrick. Obviosly Kubrick thought a communist plot to fluoridate the country's water supplies was a joke. He may have gotten the idea from a man named Oliver Kenneth Goff, a former communist who later gave the following testimony to the government.

"To whom it may concern: I, Oliver Kenneth Goff, was a member of the Communist Party and the Young Communist League from May 2, 1936 to October 9, 1939. During this period of time, I operated under the alias of John Keats and the number 18-B-2. My testimony before the Government is incorporated in Volume 9 of the Un-American Activities Report for the year 1939.
"While a member of the Communist Party, I attended Communist underground training schools outside the City of New York in the Bues Hall and 113 East Wells Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The East Wells Street School operated under the name of the Eugene Debs School. Here, under the tutoring of Eugene Dennis, M. Sparks, Morris Chyilds, Jack Kling and others, we were schooled in the art of revolutionary overthrow of the established Government.
"We discussed quite thoroughly the fluoridation of water supplies and how we were using it in Russia as a tranquilizer in the prison camps. The leaders of our school felt that if it could be induced into the American water supply, it would bring about a spirit of lethargy in the nation; where it would keep the general public docile during a steady encroachment of Communism. We also discussed the fact that keeping a store of deadly fluoride near the water reservoir would be advantageous during the time of the revolution, as it would give us opportunity to dump this poison into the water supply and either kill off the populace or threaten them with liquidation, so that they would surrender to obtain fresh water.
"We discussed in these schools, the complete art of revolution: the seizure of the main utilities, such as light, power, gas and water, but it was felt by the leadership that if a program of fluoridating the water could be carried out in the nation, it would go a long way toward the advancement of the revolution. Oliver Kenneth Goff, 1957"

Water Fluoridation may have actually have been a Commie plot, but the Corporate Aliens beat them to the punch. Now Americans remain docile as Corporate Aliens gradually legislate away their freedoms.

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Truth and Bernie Laplante

Bernie Laplante is a fictional character from the 1992 movie "Hero." He was portrayed as a petty crook but an astute street philosopher. What he has to say applies to the corporate alien manipulation of truth throughout the world. I have written an article about how to look at the 911 Truth Movement through Bernie's philosophy. Read Article. (Link opens new window.)

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Government Scare Tactics.

Currently the United States Government is trying to scare us by implying that there is a terrorist hiding around every corner. Janet Napolitano, head of Homeland Security, says that if we "See Something," then we must "Say Something." But she also says, she doesn't want us to be scared, just prepared.

In 1951, the government used similar corporate alien propaganda to scare us with the following "Civil Defense" film. It too didn't want us scared, just prepared.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Why December 5th should be a major American holiday.

Why should Americans celebrate December 5th? It was on this day in 1933 that the Twenty-first Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified. The Twenty-First Amendment repealed the Eighteenth Amendment often referred to as Prohibition. Prohibition was a law which made the sale or possession of alcoholic beverages illegal nation-wide. It was passed on January 16, 1919 but took effect one year later. It lasted until it was finally repealed in 1933.

Prohibition was a stupid law that infringed on the individual's right of self determination. It took thirteen long years, until the morons we call politicians finally repealed it. While in effect, it spurred the growth of organized crime, ruined lives, and caused many deaths.

The fact still remains that most American legislators are controlled by powerful corporate aliens who influence their important decisions. As a result, the country is riddled with a lot of laws that undermine the people's individuality. Unjust Drug Laws and the Patriot Act are two examples.

December 5th should be made a holiday called "Repeal Day." It should be a reminder that individual freedoms are currently being legislated away and in their place emerge useless, intrusive "nanny state" laws. Remember that if prohibition could be repealed, so could other bad laws.

The world has too many laws, anyway. Americans should write or call their senators and congressmen and ask them to introduce a bill that repeals , let's say, the War on Drugs. If enough people keep asking for it, one day, just like Prohibition, the War on Drugs will be history. So could a host of other bad laws.

To conclude, let's look at what some famous individuals had to say about Prohibition:

Colonel Hogan Albert Einstein Will Rogers

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Corporate Aliens and (Man-Made) Gobal Warming

Global warming is still a hot topic at the close of this first decade of the twenty-first century. More than ever, I feel that this is just another lie perpetrated by corporate aliens to make more money and to push specific political agendas. A decade ago, a similar fraud predicted a global catastrophe that never happened. It was just another well executed corporate alien money-making scheme. It was called "Y2K." There is a striking similarity how (man-made) global warming is being marketed to how "Y2K" was marketed in the past. I've revised and re-posted a previous article on this important topic.

Read Article. (Article opens new window.)


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Corporate Aliens and Conventional Medicine

In the age of Corporate Aliens, Conventional Medicine has fallen into their grasp. The Hippocratic Oath doesn't matter any more. Many doctors follow the dictates of "Big Pharma." Here is my updated article about Corporate Aliens in the Medical field. Read Article. (Link opens new window.)


Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Ancient Meaning of Halloween

This is a clip from the movie "Halloween III: The Season of the Witch." In it, Dan O'Herlihy who plays Conal Cochran explains the ancient meaning of Halloween.

November 1st was celebrated as the New Year by the ancient Celts, people living in England, Ireland, and Northern France. What we now call Halloween, was the Celtic New Year's Eve. It was called the feast of Samhain.

Halloween was a day that modern "Ghost Hunters" would truly enjoy. According to Celtic beliefs, the barriers between the living and the dead were down on that day, so ghosts were all over.

Among the friendly ghosts, there were also evil ones. People had to wear costumes to disguise themselves as evil spirits. Then the evil ones would think that the disguised humans were actually one of them. In those days, the evil spirits weren't very smart. In modern times, because so many evil spirits spend a great deal of their time on facebook, they've lost all individuality, and some even believe they're the good guys.

Then came Christianity. They've changed the Celtic new year's eve, to the eve of "all saints" day. Instead of Samhain, they've called it "All Hallow's Eve," which later was shortened to Halloween. The custom of wearing costumes was still retained from Celtic times, and another custom called "trick or treating" was added. In this hi-tech age, the custom of "trick or treating," gives modern kids a break from texting and tweeting.

In the United States, Halloween has now become worth approximately 5 Billion Dollars in yearly sales.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Corporate Aliens Love Lawyers.

The above clip is from "The Devil's Advocate (1997)." Al Pacino plays the devil, and explains why lawyers are so important. Like Satan, corporate aliens are equally impressed with lawyers.

Corporate aliens have seen to it that you are living in a world of law. Almost every action you take makes it necessary to enter some sort of legal agreement. When you buy a car, a condo, get a bank account or credit card, you must agree to some legal terms. Even to read this blog, you had to agree with Microsoft that you would not make illegal copies of Windows, before your computer would work.

Law is everywhere! Someone needs to compose all those legal agreements that you need a magnifying glass to read and a law degree to understand. And when you violate legal protocol, someone needs to sue you. That's what lawyers are for. As corporate aliens get a stronger presence in our society, we will be needing more and more lawyers. And they're "coming out, guns blazing!"


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why does this man look very worried?

This man represents a Corporate Alien Banker. He's worried because he's got too many people that can't pay back their mortgages and credit card loans. He tries to improve his bottom line with atm fees, overdraft fees, and assorted other—sometimes hidden—fees. It seems that his meager several million dollar salary just can't compensate for the magnitude of his problems.

It's the duty of the working class to help him out. If you don't have a credit card get one, or maybe two or three. If you have one use it often. You can use your credit to buy the latest iPhone, or maybe a huge wide-screen HDTV, or buy your kids everything television tells them they need. You can charge a two week trip to the Bahamas. It's needed to save your sanity after working several months for your corporate alien employer.

And after you charge a lot, you're sure to be low on money, so your checks will bounce and you'll get a lot of overdraft fees. This will make our banker very happy, even if you have to go hungry.

The above banker adheres to the theory that greed is good, and that it drives all forms of progress. So do other corporate aliens. That's one reason the middle class will soon be driven out of existence.