Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why does this man look very worried?

This man represents a Corporate Alien Banker. He's worried because he's got too many people that can't pay back their mortgages and credit card loans. He tries to improve his bottom line with atm fees, overdraft fees, and assorted other—sometimes hidden—fees. It seems that his meager several million dollar salary just can't compensate for the magnitude of his problems.

It's the duty of the working class to help him out. If you don't have a credit card get one, or maybe two or three. If you have one use it often. You can use your credit to buy the latest iPhone, or maybe a huge wide-screen HDTV, or buy your kids everything television tells them they need. You can charge a two week trip to the Bahamas. It's needed to save your sanity after working several months for your corporate alien employer.

And after you charge a lot, you're sure to be low on money, so your checks will bounce and you'll get a lot of overdraft fees. This will make our banker very happy, even if you have to go hungry.

The above banker adheres to the theory that greed is good, and that it drives all forms of progress. So do other corporate aliens. That's one reason the middle class will soon be driven out of existence.



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