Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Socialism in the United States

The current campaign to sell cars by US automakers is to give everyone the discount they give to their employees. Although in marketing terms, this strategy seems to be working, it is just another insult to the working class. They are saying that their employees don't count enough to get something that no one else gets. It seems that in this greed driven twenty-first century, nothing but money counts. If you buy from them and they get your money do you really think they'll care about you?

The United States may be the country offering the most freedom to its citizens. But this is a relative expression. If freedom does not exist anywhere in the world then the expression "the most freedom" is meaningless.

One of the reasons for the demise of the Soviet Union and other forms of communism, was because such governments opposed the private ownership of things. The government used socialism to try to control what a person could own or even hope to achieve throughout his or her life.

Initially capitalism was based on the idea that an individual can own what one desires if one chooses to work for it. Under capitalism, a hard worker can hope to prosper and control one's life in any way one chooses.

But instead of the capitalist ideal, it seems the United States of today is more socialist than ever before. Consider the following elements of current American life.

  • Hospital care is so high that most individual Americans cannot afford to pay for it. So they must depend on their employer ( Corporate America).
  • The price of colleges and other schools are out of range for most individual Americans. To send their kids to college average people depend on things like college insurance, loans, scholarships, and grants. Another words, the education of most Americans depends on the benevolence of some Corporate or Government Entity.
  • Most Americans can't afford property, they have to take out mortgages with Corporate Banks. If they pay off their mortgage, they still don't own their property. Taxes have become so high, that, in some cases, it costs more in taxes than if the equivalent property was rented. Whenever the government or some other corporation decides, they can condemn a person's property and have that person forcibly evicted. A new Supreme Court decision was handed down this year (2005) to make it easier for local Government Entities to legally confiscate your property for the common good (Kelo vs New London ).
  • Family Homes are being replaced by condominiums. This scheme allows you to "own" a unit, but you must pay for the upkeep of the common area where your unit is located.( The individual gives up control of the land his unit is on to some corporate entity. The unit cannot exist without the controlling entity. )
  • Most Americans can't afford to buy cars with cash, so they must take out a loan with a bank or the auto company's finance service. Years ago a person could save up and make a cash purchase of a new car, but today one can't even buy a decent used car without some form of credit.
  • Furniture is being rented by some people, because they can't afford to buy it. Practically all new furniture stores offer credit, because they realize most people can't afford cash purchases.
  • There are so many Federal, State, and Municipal laws (and the number grows every day), that just by being alive a person must be violating some law. If a government or corporate agency felt like it, an individual can be arrested at any time.
  • High tech tracking has made it hard to maintain your privacy. Soon everyone will be connected to the internet through DSL lines, Cable Modems, or other high speed connections. This type of media maintains connections continuously. Currently an individual can turn his computer off and disconnect from the internet even if he has DSL. The day is coming where it will be against the law to turn off a computer, TV, or any other monitoring device. Americans will be forced to listen to the ravings of Corporate Aliens during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Independent small businesses will soon not exist. Large corporations are either wiping out, merging, or partnering with small business. Even such a basic business as farming is becoming corporate rather than family owned. Soon every business will be either a branch or a partner of a large corporation.

So how free is the United States of America? If it continues at this rate it will soon be called the United Socialist States of America (USSA). While dictators like Stalin were trying to force the population of the USSR into submission, the Corporate Aliens launched a quiet invasion, and little by little gained more and more control over the majority of the American people. Unlike the Soviet Union, US socialism is not totally government controlled, but it's a joint effort of both government and corporate entities. What's even worse, is that the entire world is being groomed based on similar principles.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Why a Corporate-Alien Blog?

Throughout history, tyrannical dictators tried to win the hearts and minds of the people they ruled. But sooner or later they were overthrown. They always got a certain amount of zealots under their control but never the majority. Modern governments and corporations have taken up this challenge: control of the hearts and mind of the people through laws and media propaganda. Many people don't realize the extent of control they already have on us. The more power they obtain, the more the average people lose their individuality.

In the United States, for decades following World War II, there was a rivalry with our arch-enemy the Soviet Union. This rivalry was referred to as the cold war. During this period the word "communism" was a dirty word. Why were the communists so evil? The answer was always that they suppressed individual rights. To fight against communism was to fight for freedom. Many American young men died in Vietnam because they were told that if the communists won, they would take over the world and all freedom would be lost. As we all know, the North Vietnamese Communists won, but nothing happened.

The late 80's and early 90's marked the end of Communism in Russia and the other countries they controlled. This was supposedly the birth of freedom. But during that period, big corporations and big government prospered in the west. As they did the working classes were becoming more and more oppressed. Under the Soviet system the party leaders lived the good life, while the majority had very little. In the US the corporate ceo's and politicians have all the wealth, while the majority have very little. But the trick in western countries is to make the workers believe that they can have anything through loans and credit cards. You can have a lot of material things, for which you spend a lifetime of misery worrying about how you're going to pay off your massive debt. In effect, the Corporate Aliens have done a better job of subjugating the masses than Hitler, Stalin, or Mao. Everyone living under a tyrant was afraid to do or say anything that opposed the party, but in the US we have "freedom" as we are always reminded whenever George Bush gives a speech.

The purpose of this site is to question the meaning of "freedom" in a corporate driven society. The corporate culture of today is actually very foreign to the average individual's ideals. This is why we refer to purveyors of this culture as Corporate Aliens. We will be looking at ways to peacefully challenge these aliens for the improvement of our mental and physical well being.