Thursday, September 29, 2005

Cell Phone Towers and Cell Phones

I noticed that within the last few years, there was a phenomenal growth of cell phone towers throughout the country. Whenever they want to put up a parking lot, lawyers call meetings to see if anyone in the community objects. But when they put up cell phone towers no one officially lets you know.

There are two controversial questions that I ask myself. How safe are cell phones and how safe is it to live near cell phone towers? All your major wireless companies are always proclaiming that cell phones and cell towers are completely safe. But by looking into some scientific papers available on the internet, I'm not so sure.

Besides normal health concerns of cell phone towers, there are groups that claim these towers are being built with mind control technologies. The major science behind this claim is based upon the research of Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957). Doctor Reich was a psychoanalyst who discovered a form of energy he called orgone which he believed exists in the atmosphere and all living matter. Orgone energy is still not accepted by mainstream scientists and there is strong evidence that it really doesn't exist. What mainstream science rejects, conspiracy theorists seem to readily embrace. Orgone energy, they claim, is being harnessed through cell phone towers by corporate aliens for our mind control. Fortunately, they have found a means of neutralizing this energy. It's some kind of quartz crystal device called a tower buster; a bigger one is called a HHG (holy hand grenade). You can buy these items at They also sell assorted goodies like dolphin balls, power wands, chemtrail busters and other strange sounding products.

Although I operate a site called, our definition of aliens is that of greedy human corporate heads. Some conspiracy theories postulate that corporations and government are really being run by aliens from another planet. We always encourage people to think for themselves. In the case of cell towers and mind control, I personally don't believe this is a reasonable assumption. The theory is based on orgone, a substance that can't be clearly scientifically explained. Besides, real corporate aliens don't need cell towers for mind control; they have already effectively achieved this through television.

What really worries me is the radiation from both cell phones and cell towers. It seems no matter how much they say that these things are really safe there is always some study that pops up to question that opinion. Besides possibly causing cancer, cell phone radiation may disrupt the electrical signals in our bodies.

I've been seeing so many young people walking down the street, riding buses and trains, and driving cars with a cell phone in hand engaging in some intense conversation. Some people are giving up their landlines and only using cell phones. If there is some truth to these studies, it seems these people are risking their lives for the sake of having the convenience of being able to carry on useless chatter everywhere. Fifteen years ago, we had no cell phones and we survived. It's like cigarette smoking. Until recently, the major cigarette manufacturers kept saying that smoking poses no health risks. Now all the wireless companies are trying to do the same thing, convince us how safe their equipment is. With cell phones, we haven't seen widespread problems yet because they haven't been used that long. The type of cell phone commonly used has already evolved. Most modern cell phones are digital, while older ones were analog and emitted more radiation. Older phones were more likely to give you cancer. The cancer danger may have been reduced, but the digital signals are more likely to interfere with your body's electrical signals. This could cause more heart attacks, depression, anger, violence, and suicide.

What I think people should do is strongly limit the use of cell phones. I do have a cell phone that I use only for emergencies while driving. Otherwise, my cell is off and I always use the landline for normal conversations. But think about this, what would limiting cell phone usage really cost you? If you're a teenager or a young person in your twenties, you could wind up with a life threatening illness in your thirties if you continue to indiscriminately use your cell phone. Is it worth it?

There is absolutely no reason to allow cell towers on top of an apartment building or school. Before flooding the world with these towers, more research is needed spread over longer time periods. Let's wait and see if fifteen years from now there is no explosion of phone related health problems.

I have included pictures of a building that has cell antennas in both the front and rear areas. This is untested technology, and the city of Chicago should never have allowed it. It's very likely that the people living in this building are paying rent. Instead they're the ones that should be getting paid for being guinea pigs in an on-going electromagnetic radiation experiment.

Here are some urls concerning cell phones and cell towers.

Will Thomas

US Food and Drug Administration


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