Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Why We Are So Frustrated.

According to some medical theories, our bodies are engineered to live for at least 120 years. Even with the disease fighting advances in medicine, I doubt that most of us will ever be able to live that long. The reason is basically that life is just too mentally trying, and we are slowly killing or mutating our cells with our minds because of our daily challenges.

Most people are addicted to something. Alcohol, smoking, drugs, gambling, sex are some common addictions. Most of us probably know why we need these addictions. The more corporate our society becomes, the more frustrated we become. Forty years ago you can buy a car in few minutes with some money and a hand-shake. Last time I bought a car it took four hours to complete the paperwork and that was fast according to the dealer. To get even a menial job now requires a resume, filling out a complicated application form, getting a drug test, getting a security check, and in some cases even getting a credit check. At work, there probably are a lot of forms that you need to fill out during the course of the day. You may have to sit through some boring and probably useless weekly meetings. Most people acquired some form of debt, and those bill paying days are exceptionally draining. Then, of course, there are all those tax forms that need to be worked on prior to April 15th.

Someone is always trying to warn us about something. Even when we try to watch television, there comes a "Click it or ticket" commercial telling us to buckle our seat belts or else. When we buy a DVD we get the famous FBI anti-piracy warning. When we sign our income tax form they warn us that if we were not truthful, we could be charged with perjury. Before installing a computer program, we must accept some legal document that we never read, nor would we understand its legalese if we ever did read it.

In the fifties, large computers were beginning to gain acceptance. Experts said that computers, because they would be able to do so many menial tasks, would give us more leisure. The computer is actually a very good machine to manage details. If computers were left to perform the tasks of the fifties, we would indeed be living an easy going existence. But as computers got more sophisticated, corporate aliens invented new tasks for them, so that presently we actually live much more hectic lives than our parents or grandparents did back then.

I think the problem is that working people do not feel they have control of their lives. In the past, if we did what we were supposed to, we were rewarded with a stable life and a happy retirement. Now governments and corporations are constantly lying to us. Our leaders are all seeking wealth and power at the expense of the working class. We can't believe their promises any more. Once society begins to recognize the worth of the individual, liquor stores and drug dealers will start going out of business. Since corporations are getting larger, the worth of the individual is slowly dying. Booze and drugs are here to stay.


At 4:32 PM, Blogger ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

I really like your blog; please, keep it up and post more often!

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At 9:37 PM, Blogger Beau said...


I think your comments are quite insightful regarding a creeping malaise, and depression in society relating to corporate, and bureaucratic suppression. It seems that most individuals are constantly barraged by over administration, silly rules, and other petty processes in their daily lives. However, I can't agree with the strong sense of pessimism in your post. It seems that you have resigned yourself to the status quo here. I don't want to be patronizing, as I am simply responding to the tone of your post without knowing your full thoughts on the matter, but I think that individuals can do a lot to fight a mindless corporate mentality either actively, or passively by simply choosing a lifestyle that avoids needless consumerism and corporate interaction. We don't have to fall prey to addictions, or allow ourselves to become corporate zombies. At some point even the Corporate culture must change for the better if its mind numbed employees are plagued by addictions, absenteeism, low morale etc. I appreciate your posts.

At 3:46 AM, Blogger Hiddenson said...

As the last commenter said: "...but I think that individuals can do a lot to fight a mindless corporate mentality either actively, or passively by simply choosing a lifestyle that avoids needless consumerism and corporate interaction."

While I agree to it, the masses do not. How many people do you know, who chose to live that different life?

I don't want to sound pessimistic, but I agree more with the poster here. It is highly stimulating to see someone being stubborn to the system, but come on, how many of those do you meet... Luckily the Net helps me find a few of these fine individuals from time to time :)


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