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The two leading methods of controlling the masses are Nationalism and Religion. In this section we will look at how Religion influences people into doing things that they would not do normally.

Practically every religion has some bad logic associated with it. Most Americans follow some form of Christianity. This involves reading both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. There are a lot of things that don't make sense about the Bible ( especially the Old Testament ), but practically all Christian denominations treat this as the word of God. How can mortal man ever question the work of the Lord?

One of the most logically and morally troubling things that I find in the Bible deals with the Book of Joshua. In this book God orders Joshua, the leader of the Israelites, to conquer a city called Jericho. Joshua has the priests march around the city for seven days. Then they blew their trumpets and the walls came tumbling down. What the Israelites did next is what really gets me to question the divine origin of the Bible.

(Joshua 6:20)The people destroyed everything in the city. They destroyed everything that was living there. They killed the young men and old men, young women and old women, cattle, sheep, and donkeys.

It seems that they did spare a prostitute named Rahab and her family, for hiding two spies that Joshua sent to the city prior to the conquest.

(Joshua 6:24)Then the people of Israel burned the whole city. They burned everything in the city except the things made from silver, gold, bronze, and iron. They put those things in the Lord’s treasury.

These days we call this "racial cleansing". I haven't heard any Christians complain about God being a terrorist according to the book of Joshua. But what about the Moslems that interpreted their Koran in a way that treated New York's twin towers as Jericho, and on 9/11 the walls came tumbling down killing everyone within. According to this way of thinking, this was God's way of punishing the infidel.

As in many instances in history, religion is responsible for a lot of the bad things that happened to the human race. Here, I don't want to question the existence of God, but how illogically humans interpret His will. If you look at all the people in the world, they are made up of assorted skin shades and creeds. If there is a God, since He made everyone, He must be the God of everyone. If this is the case, no race has the right to conquer Jericho, or to destroy the World Trade Center.

In my opinion suicide bombers are so controlled by a silly, oppressive religion, that they fail to see reality. It is never right to do harm to innocent people. If we are all God's creatures then no one race has the right to wage "holy war" against any other. There really are no chosen people because everyone on earth is racially equal. If there is an afterlife, instead of being greeted by beautiful virgins, the dead suicide bomber, is more likely to be tormented by all the innocent victims whose lives he so cruelly snuffed out.

Furthermore, how many suicide bombers' names do you remember? It's slime like Osama Bin-Laden and Zarchawi, who are always in the headlines. They probably know that this has nothing to do with God, yet push their perverted philosophy on young, illiterate Arab men. These boys take their own lives and those of the innocent, just to feed the thirst for power that motivates their leaders.

How long are people going to listen to their priests or mullahs telling them to do things totally against common sense? Logically, God must be for everyone and not just for a group of backward Arabs, Jews, or Christians that interpret scriptures written by ancient prophets preaching hate and bigotry. But this is why people should start thinking and questioning what their leaders say. World peace will never happen until people start thinking for themselves. After all, most of our religious leaders are nothing more than greedy Corporate Aliens seeking personal wealth and power. If they had their way, we still would be burned at the stake for saying that the world is round.


At 7:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which side of eternity does one wish to be on? If you think there is no God can you afford to be wrong. If there trully was not and you did the will of God (according the bible)here on earth, you have only gained in quality of virtues in life. We have free will and intellect above all other creatures (coincidence?), choose wisely. If you don't believe in Jesus, perhaps you recognize Satan in this present day culture, some even worship such in one way or another. Where did Satan come from? It is in the bible too. He had free will too, he chose a losers path.


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