Friday, July 28, 2006

New Blog Format

alien I've decided to change the format of this blog a little. I'll still be posting the usual thought provoking articles every one to two weeks as I've done previously. In addition, I will have daily posts so that this blog can better adapt to our "crazybusy" information hungry world.

As my first daily post, let me answer a criticism of my last article, Controlling Our Lives through Ratings and Quotas. The opposing comment read as follows:

What is exactly wrong with an employer expecting their employees to do their job a certain way, if you are in a service industry you should know that you will be expected to deal with the public in a certain way. You act like this is something new or something.

Yes, it should be that simple. There is nothing wrong with an employer stating his requirements. His employees should do the work his way. But big corporations do not just state their requirements and leave their employees alone. They watch, harass, annoy, underpay, and belittle their employees. Their main goal is to rake in more and more money for upper management. It used to be that if you didn't like your boss, you could just find another job. Nowadays, most jobs are for big corporate employers. The average individual has to choose either to work for corporate aliens and suffer their abuse or go hungry.

To have a better society we need improved working conditions. With less harassment at work, we all can live longer and happier lives. But if the corporate world will not hear our pleas, we may just have to fight for what we deserve.

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